Who We Are

First and foremost, Gaslamp Pulp Zine is an imprint of Nat 1 Publishing.

We are a small biannual magazine featuring stories, poems, and art influenced or derived from turn of the century pulp fantasy and science fiction magazine. Does that mean we only publish traditional “pulp adventures”? No. We love everything in the genres, so expect to find a variety of stories and styles!

As of this time, Gaslamp Pulp is run and managed completely by the Nat 1 Team.

Our Mission

As an imprint, we share Nat 1 Publishing’s mission and purpose: to provide an outlet where both established and emerging authors—particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds—can be represented. We strive to cultivate a diverse and inclusive literary landscape, providing a platform for imaginative storytelling that reflects the rich tapestry of human experience. Through our publications, we seek to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and promote inclusivity within the speculative fiction community, ultimately contributing to a more diverse and vibrant literary landscape.

Our Goal

We want to provide our readers with modern, traditional, and experimental science fiction and fantasy. We prioritize visibility over profit, so prices are kept to a minimum so as many people as possible can enjoy the works of our featured new and established authors, poets, and artists. We also want the works to be accessible for readers from the high school level up, meaning Gaslamp Pulp will be exploring YA and mature (but appropriate) narratives and themes.